Email address


email guide: I get many, many emails a day. On Facebook and other social media. I can’t respond to all or most of them. If you want me to respond to yours, here’s a sort of guide.


I don’t have chats over email unless you just happen to get me at the perfect time and spot. For tech problems, I’m not the one to ask unless it is highly specific to something only I would know.


Don’t send me internet drama. Even (especially) if it’s about me, I don’t care. Questions like can you hack my Gmail account or I don’t remember my password, I don’t care. I block people who do this.


I highly appreciate long “fan” mail, and I will read it happily (As I always do) but don’t necessarily expect a personalized response.


I don’t know who and where you are, and I do get a lot of mail like that. Emails like these are still meaningful to me and if you have some thanks to say to me, please do, it does affect my work in a very positive way, and often I get important insights into what people benefit from too.


Don’t get deterred if I don’t return an email, it still means so much to me. Sometimes I wish that there are 48 hours in a day, because time, I really don’t have enough 😃


Occasionally my domain will be marked by some email services as spam. Check your spam messages or whitelist my domain to ensure you see my response. I’ll say it just in case.


Q: Can my company advertise on / with
A: It doesn’t hurt to ask! Bulls Eye0 is picky about what sort of companies can sponsor the work here (you’ll never find credit card, shoe store or pharmaceutical companies sponsoring H). If you feel like your company or organization would make sense to partner with, simply drop me an email and strike up a conversation.