Dark Eagle Tool for Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning


DARK EAGLE is an all in one tool for Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning written in PHP by NANDYDARK.

In the video down below, you can see how to install DARK EAGLE and how this tool is working.

DARK EAGLE tool for Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning


Scans That You Can Perform Using DARK EAGLE

  • Basic Scan
    • Site Title
    • IP Address
    • Web Server Detection
    • CMS Detection
    • Cloudflare Detection
    • robots.txt Scanner
  • Whois Lookup
  • Geo-IP Lookup
  • Grab Banners
  • DNS Lookup
  • Subnet Calculator
  • Nmap Port Scan
  • Sub-Domain Scanner
    • Sub Domain
    • IP Address
  • Reverse IP Lookup & CMS Detection
    • Hostname
    • IP Address
    • CMS
  • Error Based SQLi Scanner
    • HTTP Response Code
    • Site Title
    • Alexa Ranking
    • Domain Authority
    • Page Authority
    • Social Links Extractor
    • Link Grabber
  • WordPress Scan
    • Sensitive Files Crawling
    • Version Detection
    • Version Vulnerability Scanner
  • Crawler

DARK EAGLE List Of Scans Or Actions

  • Version 2.0.0
    • Separated all scans so that you are served the amount of information you need
    • Sub-Domain Scanner
    • fix command improved
    • Web Server Detection
    • CMS Detection
    • Added WordPress Scanner
    • DARK EAGLE Banner Updated
  • Modules.

GitHub page:


How to install DARK EAGLE:

git clone

How to install DARK EAGLE



php darkeagle.php

Use the “help” command to see the command list or type in the domain name you want to scan (Without Http:// OR Https://).
Select whether The Site Runs On HTTPS or not.
Select the type of scan you want to perform
Leave the rest to the scanner



In this video, I will show you how to install DARK EAGLE and how it is working.

DARK EAGLE tool for Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning



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Tested DARK EAGLE on:

Kali Linux
Parrot Security
If there is any other OS, let me know, so that it can be added to this list.


List of CMS Supported

DARK EAGLE’ s CMS Detector currently is able to detect the following CMSs (Content Management Systems) in case the website is using some other CMS, Detector will return could not detect.


Known Issues

ISSUE: Scanner Stops Working After Cloudflare Detection!

SOLUTION: Use The fix Command OR Manually
Install php-curl & php-xml



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Thanks guys ..!

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