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Maltrail is a Malicious Traffic Detection System that utilizes publicly available blacklists (and other trails from various AV reports and user-defined lists) to help discover unknown threats by monitoring traffic against those lists. Maltrail is run from the command line but does include a handy (and optional) web interface.

If you take the security of your servers and computers really seriously, then you know how important it is to be constantly alert to malicious behavior. This can be a 24/7/365 job, and if you have a lot of equipment, this task is almost impossible. Fortunately, there are a number of useful tools available that reduce this burden considerably. Such a tool is Maltrail.




Maltrail is made up of three components

1. The **Sensor** which monitors traffic for threats 
2. **Server** which provides logging for the event details of the detected malicious traffic.
The **Client** that provides visualization and reporting of the event details.

Maltrail is made up of three components


Install and Configure

With this install, I will use a Debian based Operating System.
For other Linux distros search for the required Package Management Systems.


Package Lists


Update Package Lists


Update and upgrade your system

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade


Install the required dependencies

Maltrail requires the python pcap packages. Hence, to install pcap and other necessary dependencies, run the command below. In this command, we do this all in one because this is always the easiest way.

sudo apt install python-setuptools python-pcapy git


Install Maltrail

The following set of commands should get your Maltrail Sensor up and running (out of the box with default settings and monitoring interface “any”)

git clone
cd maltrail


Start Maltrail Sensor

To run the Sensor, execute the command below to run the Maltrail sensor in the background.

sudo python


Start Server

To start the Server on same machine, open a new terminal and execute the following:


Access the interface by visiting from your web browser.

Default credentials:
Username: admin
Password: changeme!

Testing Maltrail

A while ago I wrote an article about: How to use Nmap NSE Scripts to find Vulnerabilities In this article you can find a lot of information about Nmap NSE. In the video below, I show a nmap vuln scan.


Nmap NSE script

To find the Nmap NSE scripts

cd /usr/share/nmap/scripts


ls -la

nmap NSE Scripts path

nse nmap


Video Maltrail

Maltrail Malicious Traffic Detection System

In this video, I show you how to set up this awesome tool. Because I use a Vulnerable server and will use the Nmap NSE script “Vuls” to get some action.




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For more information you can visit the GitHub page:
Maltrail and Download the tool here.
They have made enormous much info about this tool.

Maltrail and Download the tool here



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