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Install Kali Linux 2020 1 on Virtualbox

In this article and video, I will show you how to install Kali Linux 2020.1 on VirtualBox. Also, install a single boot with Kali Linux. I will cover some big changes that have been made with this new release. “Kali Linux is an Advanced Penetration Testing Linux distribution used for Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking and network security assessments.” Kali Linux 2020.1 Release On 28 January 2020, Kali has kicked off with the first release of the decade, Kali Linux 2020.

Dark Eagle Tool for Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning

DARK EAGLE is an all in one tool for Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning written in PHP by NANDYDARK. In the video down below, you can see how to install DARK EAGLE and how this tool is working. Scans That You Can Perform Using DARK EAGLE Basic Scan Site Title IP Address Web Server Detection CMS Detection Cloudflare Detection robots.txt Scanner Whois Lookup Geo-IP Lookup Grab Banners DNS Lookup Subnet Calculator Nmap Port Scan Sub-Domain Scanner Sub Domain IP Address Reverse IP Lookup & CMS Detection Hostname IP Address CMS Error Based SQLi Scanner HTTP Response Code Site Title Alexa Ranking Domain Authority Page Authority Social Links Extractor Link Grabber WordPress Scan Sensitive Files Crawling Version Detection Version Vulnerability Scanner Crawler Version 2.

Security Webcam Hacking Way Too Easy

Security webcams are often way too easy to hack. In this article + video I show you how this is done. How simple it is to hack a lot of cameras. After many years, it still seems there a few people who are told what is security. Or is it that most people just don’t know what the consequences might be and just ignore the warnings? One of the big ironies of life can be that the devices we create to protect us, can sometimes be used against us.

Windows 7 Reasons to Upgrade to Linux

The end of Windows 7 is rapidly approaching. After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for Windows 7..! So what should you do? Buy a new computer with Windows 10? Upgrade the current system to Windows 10 or switch to Linux? I will try to list the pros and “some” cons for you. Why should you upgrade to Linux right away as an ethical hacker.

Blue Eye a Python Recon Toolkit

Blue Eye is a Recon Toolkit script I made in python3. Blue Eye shows the subdomain resolves to the IP addresses, ports and headers, company email addresses and much more ..! The Blue Eye script shows the: Subdomain resolves to the IP addresses Open Ports HTTP Header Mail Servers DNS Text Records Nameserver Records Sites of interest “email, okta, webmail and slack” Lists of GitHub user pages List of possible company email addresses harvested from GitHub user pages and from DuckDuckGo and Linkedin searches The Subdomain resolves to the IP addresses.

The best vulnerable websites to improve your hacking skills

Some of the best places to learn ethical hacking. The best vulnerable websites to exercise your hacking skills whether you are a hacker, cybersecurity, pen-tester or still a n00b. These vulnerable websites are great for developing our minds, increasing our capacity to solve problems, new innovative ideas come to our minds. Also, you will face brainfuck a lot of difficulties. Never give up always try to give your best. Because if you want to be a professional hacker, then you must know about the hacker attitudes and …

Shodan Eye Ethical Hacking Tool Release

Shodan Eye Ethical Hacking Tool. Before we start the year 2020, today there is a new big release ..! I am so happy that I have found some inspiration again .. Just at the last minute. Please note, if you have already installed Shodan Eye on your computer, then it is worthwhile to read it carefully. Of course, even if you don’t know this Shodan tool yet. Shodan Eye Search Engine Shodan Eye collects and returns all information about every device that is directly connected to the internet.

Wi Ploit Wi Fi Exploit Tool

Wi-Ploit is a library of Wi-Fi exploitation tools. Supports the latest other tools e.g: Aircrack-ng etc. Attacks: Rogue Access Point (hostapd). Rogue Access Point (hostapd-mana). WPS attack (Reaver) * Upcoming. A rogue access point is a wireless access point that has been installed on a secure network without explicit authorization from a local network administrator, whether added by a well-meaning employee or by a malicious attacker. Rogue Access Point (hostapd) Scan the networks.

Getting Started With Ghost Eye

Ghost Eye is an Information Gathering - Footprinting and Reconnaissance Tool I made in Python 3. It includes some important tools for Information Gathering. Install Ghost Eye on Linux I advise everyone to read this carefully, it is often forgotten during installation that Ghost Eye is using python3. So before to move further, please check if Python 3 is already present in your machine. If you need to install it, just follow the below commands.

Best Operating System for Ethical Hacking and Pentesting

Linux is an extremely popular operating system for hackers. First of all, Linux’s source code is freely available because it is an open-source Operating System (OS). This means that Linux is very easy to modify and customize. Second, there are countless Linux security distros available. It is extremely important to develop your Linux skills to become an “Ethical Hacker”. Nearly all the tools that hackers use are developed for Linux.