Google Dorks an Easy Way of Hacking

Google Dorks    All you need to carry out to move further with “Google Dork”, is a computer, an internet connection, and knowledge of the appropriate search syntax. A number of examples are given down below and if you need more, you can visit Github, a large number (10.000) of Google Dork can be found here.  How it all started.. The concept of “Google Hacking” dates back to 2002 when Johnny Long began to collect interesting Google search queries that uncovered vulnerable systems and sensitive information, labeling them Google Dorks.

How to Use Nmap Nse Scripts to Find Vulnerabilities

Find Vulnerabilities, Nmap has a lot of features and one of them is a built-in script interpreter called NSE Nmap Scripting Engine. Nmap is one of the most used and best port scanning tools that exist and is the favorite for many people including for me. But Nmap is not only a port scanner, but this tool is also much more and has so many features. In this article, we highlight the Nmap Script Engine (NSE).

Shodan Eye Getting Started With Shodan

Shodan Eye collects and returns all information about every device that is directly connected to the internet and according to the keywords you entered.  What type of devices can be found with Shodan Eye The types of devices that are indexed can vary enormously. It can be from small desktops to refrigerators or either nuclear power plants, webcams, water treatment facilities, coffee machines, yachts, medical devices, traffic lights, wind turbines, license plate readers, smart TVs and much more.

Cr3dov3r Credential Reuse Attack

Cr3dOv3r This tool checks your credentials on different websites and looks for if your email is in some data leak.  Your best friend in credential reuse attacks. You give Cr3dOv3r an email then it does two simple useful jobs with it: Search forreuse attack public leaks for the email and returns the result with the most useful details about the leak Now you give it a password or a leaked password then it tries these credentials against some well-known websites (ex: Facebook, Twitter, Google…), tells if the login was successful and if there’s captcha somewhere blocking our way!

Infernal Twin Infernal Wireless V3 Automated Wireless Hacking

Infernal Twin is an automated wireless hacking suite written in Python which automates many of the repetitive tasks involved in security testing for wifi networks. Infernal-Twin GitHub: https://github.com/entropy1337/infernal-twin  Features added and improved: Added BeeF XSS framework Integration Added HTTP Traffic View within tool Improved Infenral Wireless Attack Visual View of some of the panel improved Improved Basic Authentication during Social engineering assessment over wireless network Infernal-Wireless v2.6 This tool is created to aid the penetration testers in assessing wireless security.

Reverse Backdoor for Linux Windows and Mac

A reverse backdoor made in python, I put this on my VirtualBox on Windows. This backdoor can be used on - Linux, Mac, and Windows. I also made a Listener. All types of files. On both of these, I made a download and upload function. So you can download everything from the target computer but also upload and vice versa. This tool is not public. This was my second video. The date was Sept 13, 2018, when I publish this video on YouTube.

Arp Spoofer Detector for Linux and Windows

ARP spoofing is a type of attack in which a malicious actor sends falsified ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) messages on a local area network. This allows you to perform a MITM “man in the middle” attack. This puts you as a hacker between the router and the victim. The risks of MiTM attacks are used to steal sensitive information. Sniffing passwords Espionage Take over your entire computer This is the first video I made of my work.