Who Would Put a Printer on the Internet


Are you as secure as you think? Is your printer secure? When was the last time you changed your computer or the device passwords? Do you have a different password for each? And what about your printer?

It may be hard to believe but less than 2% of printers in use today are intrusion-proof. Most people do not change the default password at installation and giving hackers with this easy access to embedded system data, network information. Make passwords different for every device you use including each app or website login


Video Who would put a printer on the Internet



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Why I chose to show you this

Again… I chose to show you this, because it is so incredibly easy to hack printers, and through this hack to get further in systems and can cause incredible damage. Secret documents or whatever.
Here you can find the post about the Security Webcam Hacking As you see this is also incredibly simple to hack.

My goal is to educate people and increase awareness by exposing methods used by real black-hat hackers and show how to secure systems from these hackers.

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